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Pet Sounds

The Pet Sounds set includes a big collection of adorable and unique pet sound effects that will reminds you of your fluffy friends. From cat purring, cat meowing, dog sniffing to duck quacking, this playlist has included all kinds of pet sound FX that can fill your videos with fun and cuteness.

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Ducks Quacking

Sounds of a flock of ducks quacking

Duck Quack

The sound of a duck quacking

Chickens Talking

Sound of chickens talking

Chicken Coup

Sound of chickens walking, eating and talking

Hen Clucking

Hen clucking sound

Chicken Clucking

Sound effect of chicken clucking

Chickens Fighting

Sound effects of chickens clucking and fighting

Young Kitten Meow

Sound of a young kitten meowing

Newborn Kitten 2

Sound of a newborn kitten meowing

Wild Cat Purr

Sound of a wild cat purring