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Laughing Sounds

Whether you are looking for a funny chipmunk laugh sound or a evil monster laugh sound, this Laughing Sounds playlist has got you covered. There are a variety of laughing sounds here for you to download and use creatively in your videos. Check out the fun laughter sound, giggling sound, female laughing sound or the witch laughing sound. They will help crack your viewers up or add that spooky, scary feeling to your video.

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Witch Laughter

High pitched, scary witch laughter

Suspicious Laugh

Suspicious laugh sound

More Laughter

The sound effect of two people laughing

Male Giggling

Funny, high pitched, male giggling


The sound effect of a girl giggling

Fun Laughter

Funny, high pitched laughter

Even More Laughter

The sound effect of a man and a woman laughing

Chipmunk Laughter

Funny, high pitched chipmunk laughter

Chipmunk Laugh

Funny chipmunk laugh

Bowser Evil Laugh

The sound effect that is similar to the Bowser evil laugh