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Dinosaur Sounds

Do you want to capture all the epic sounds of the dinosaurs for your videos, but you don’t want to risk getting eaten while you’re recording those dinosaur sound effects? We’ve got you covered. It cost us 5 audio technicians, but we managed to collect the sounds of dinosaurs roaring, growling, breathing, walking around, and even snarling! Download these sound effects today and, when you use them, take a moment to remember the brave audio techs who became dino chow so you could make cool movies.

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Winged Dinosaur

Sound of a winged dinosaur

T Rex Roar

T Rex Roar sound effect

T Rex Breath

The sound of a T Rex's breath

Small Dinosaur

Small dinosaur roar sound effect

Dinosaurs Moving

Sounds of a group of dinosaurs moving together

Dinosaur Snarl

The sound of dinosaur Snarl

Dinosaur Roar

Scary dinosaur roar

Dinosaur Moving

The sound of a big dinosaur moving

Dinosaur Growl

Loud dinosaur growl sound effect

Big Dinosaur

Big dinosaur roar sound effect