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Cricket Sounds

The Cricket playlist has all kind of cricket and bug sound effects to fill the silence in your videos: The sun is low in the sky and the last golden rays of its light make the young couple glow as they sit on their large porch, overlooking the family farm. There is no need for words between them, just silence and… what’s that? That cricket chirping sound in the background, tying this whole scene together? Crickets. If you want to create a believable country scene, you need cricket sound effects. Cricket sounds are also perfect for letting your audience know something is awkward.

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Cricket Sound 4

Crickets singing together

Crickets by the River

Crickets singing by the river

Cricket Sound 3

Different type of crickets singing together

Crickets by a Creek

Crickets singing by a creek

Cricket Sound 2

Cricket sounds with pauses in between

Crickets in the Summer

Crickets sounds on a Summer day

Crickets in the Park

Crickets singing in the Park

Nonstop Cricket Sound

Nonstop cricket sound that can be used as a sound effect for awkward silence

Crickets in the Night

Crikets singing in the night

Cricket Sound 1

Cricket sounds with a pause in the middle