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Animal Sounds

The Animal Sounds playlist includes a big variety of fun and adorable sound effects such as angry cat sounds, chicken clucking, monkey talking, rooster crowing and rattlesnake sounds. They are perfect for making epic animal videos, comedy or meme videos. You can also mix these animal sounds effects together for an interesting background sound.

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Rooster Crowing

Rooster crowing in the morning


Turkey sound effect


Rattlesnake sound effect

Rat Sound

Rat sound effect

Monkey Sound

Monkey sound effect

Monkey Talking

Sound of a monekey talking to its friends

Excited Monkey

Sound of an excited monkey

Pond Ambience

Pond ambience sound effect with frogs and toads croaking

Lonely Frog

Sound of a lonely croaking frog

Frogs in the Pond

Sounds of frogs croaking in the pond